About Us


We’re Samantha and Joanna, an international  ballerina sister duo and for the last years we’ve been on a conscience clearing shopping mission.

What? We’ve created a platform that showcases the big hearts and brilliant ideas behind the brands doing it better—and made shopping their stuff really simple.


Why? Jobs, kids, and social commitments are wonderful, we’re truly blessed, but they sure do suck the sustainable shopping hours out of a day. We were tired of not knowing if our money was being spent in the way we would like, but still found ourselves choosing convenience over ethics more frequently than we’d like to admit. We were busy raising our children...but what were we really doing to contribute to a better future for them?

How? We researched and researched, educated ourselves, and had our eyes opened. We’ve handpicked lots of amazing companies practicing admirable ethics, and we can’t wait for you to meet them. In fact, our journey has been so inspirational, we’re committed to donating 5% of our profits to charities, communities and planet-enriching startups.

We’ve been chatting with our friends, and they love the fact that different choices no longer have to be difficult choices. We hope you do too. Welcome to Olemno! 

Joanna & Samantha

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