Sustainable - conserving a  balance by avoiding depletion of resources.
Sustainable or Sustainability can have several different meanings, which in-turn can become confusing to the consumer.  We believe Sustainability includes Ecological sustainability, Social sustainability, and Economic sustainability. The three categories mentioned above must work simultaneously together in order for a company or product to keep the term ‘sustainable’ true to its original meaning.  Here are some important points we look for surrounding the topic of sustainability.
  • Minimizing negative impact on the environment and renewing damages already done.
  • Minimizing production to meet the needs of the consumer by not creating excessive waste
  • Ensuring the well-being of all people involved in the process of production (including fair wages, health and safety) as well as keeping the environment protected.
  • Making sure the impact of entire process of production( human, environment, natural) does not have any long term effects on the environment or our health
  • Keeping production as close to natural as possible
Labeled Sustainable? This means Olemno has researched these companies and products  and it is ascertained their products are indeed practicing Ecological, Social and Economic sustainability. 
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