Information for Vendors

Read more about how Olemno can help your company

So what is it Olemno does?

  • We check every company on to ensure that only sustainable, organic, toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, recycled/upcycled, fair trade and eco-friendly products are featured. You are part of all the good out there!
  • Vendors can only join on invitation. If we haven't reached out to you please contact us at
  • We add Icons of Good to all products. This way the customer can quickly see why the product is so great.
  • We create a unique seller page together with you on to showcase your company.
  • We are a fantastic additional platform for your company and its products. Olemno is backed by one of the leading marketing experts in the US so why not give it a go?

What do you need to do?

  • Contact us here or via email at and we will send you a link to join once approved.
  • There is a link here that explains the sign up process.
  • Upload your products to Olemno. (Individual or Bulk) There is a link here that explains this process. We will help wherever we can.
  • Once orders are rolling in; Ship as usual.

What do we expect?

  • All vendors sign a code of conduct
  • We will be transparent with you always and expect you to be that too.
  • Send us your feedback on how we can streamline the process.

What is it we aim for?

A convenient conscious marketplace for all involved and to grow the market share for everyone that is committed to do good.

What do we charge?

There is a no-cure-no-pay 12% + 1 USD commission on the sales made. (this includes the 3% payment processing fees)

With this fee we are maintaining the platform, grow it and we are committed to donate at least 20% of profit to charity, social initiatives or one of the amazing causes supported by the companies on Olemno.

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