Adding & Editing Products on

Olemno uses the Multivendor Marketplace App to make it possible for different vendors to add and edit their products. Here we will try to guide you through that process. The Multivendor Marketplace App also has some great explanatory files.
Before we start; There main layout on Olemno is based on Main Collections > Product Types > Subcategories > Products. 

A list of these can be found here. You can download the list at the bottom of that page if you like. 

Please adhere to these in order for your product to be shown properly. In case there are any questions of suggestions please contact us at
To add or edit a product start by clicking on the “Products” and
dropdown “Products Listing” tab at the top bar of the dashboard page.
Add an Individual Product
1.    To add an individual product, click on the ADD PRODUCT Button on the top
right of the screen. A new window will open and you can add all the information
concerning the product.
2.    Please select Normal Product. This will ensure that the product is showcased on Olemno instead of on a different webpage. This will ensure proper filtering and searching for the customers.
3.    Fill out the Product name.
4.    Choose Product Type; The available product types are found here. Please adhere to these in order for your product to be shown properly and in the right collections. 
In for example, the main category Women these Product types are Dresses, Tops, Sweaters & Sweatshirts, Pants & Shorts, Coats & Jackets, Skirts, Lingerie &
Sleepwear and Swimwear.
6.    Next fill out the product description.
7.    Please add tags. The tags available are listed here.
Please adhere to these in order for your product to be shown properly and in
the right collections. 
Add tags for Main Category, Product Type and Subcategory. So, for example for a casual dress add tags; Women, Dresses, Casual.
8.    Add Product Policy
9.    Add Shipping Details. If your shipping costs rely on weight, please enter the weight of the product.  Select your Shipping Method. This can be either weight-based or price-based depending on how you set up your shipping configuration. (See Getting started on Olemno for more information).
10.  Add Price and keep the box “Charge taxes on this product” selected.
11.   Add Inventory Details such as SKU or Barcodes.
12.  Add variant details such as size, color, material etc. These variants
will be automatically added to the smart collections available so customers can
filter them.
13. We added some custom fields. Please indicate whether you are shipping to
the US, EU or both. Please indicate over which price you offer free shipping if you do.
14. Please add the ingredients for your products.
15. Please indicate which of the Icons of Good apply for the product.
16. Upload product images on the top right side. You can add 5 pictures at a time. Images need to be in a 550x550 pixel 1:1 ratio.
17. Add a collection. This is one the main collections available. A list of them can be found here and in the dropdown menu on the product page.
Please adhere to these in order for your product to be shown properly
and in the right collections.  
18. Click on Save Changes at the bottom left corner
and your product is saved. You can return to the product listing page and edit,
view or delete the product by clicking on the action button on the right. 
19. The status of your product on the product listing will state disapproved. We will review the product ASAP to safeguard the proper quality and change the status to approved. Your product is now visible and purchasable on Olemno!

Add Products by CSV
To add products by CSV click on the “More action” button and select “add
product by CSV”. This will open a new page.
1. By clicking on ADD PRODUCT you can upload an individual item on the next page. By clicking on the More Actions-button you can upload products by CSV or bulk edit
2. You can read Instructions for the CSV below. (Only on tablets and desktops) Make sure you adhere to the format otherwise it does not work.
You can view and download an example of the Product CSV format below. (Only on tablets and desktops)
Make sure you save it as a UTF-8 .csv file. Make sure it is comma deliminated.
You can view and download an Image Example File below. (Only on tablets and desktops)
Make sure you save it as a UTF-8 .csv file. Make sure it is comma deliminated.

Make sure the CSV file numbering matches the images file to ensure
proper placement of the images while uploading.
3. Once the CSV files and the images ZIP-folder are uploaded, please check for any unexpected mistakes in your product listings. 
4. We will check everything as well and add breadcrumbs and Icons of Good to each listing to optimize navigation on the website.
5. Once approved you will receive an email from us and the product will be
visible and purchasable on

Thank you for being part of Olemno!!

In case there are remaining questions or suggestions please contact us at