K.A.N Bags

K.A.N Bags

K.A.N Bags was founded in Geneva, IL and hopes to help save the environment
by decreasing society’s ecological footprint by reducing plastic waste.
Choosing to purchase and use K.A.N Bags will help eliminate extra waste
by reducing the amount of disposable plastic bags used in home recycling
and garbage bins.

In addition to cutting down on waste, K.A.N Bags also helps prevent sticky
residues and disgusting smells in your recycling bin, because the bags
are waterproof and mold resistant, as well as machine washable. Better
yet, their bags will also save consumers money over time, as there is no
need to constantly be buying disposable bags for your recycling or
garbage bin as you can simply reuse K.A.N Bags!

Roughly 80% of plastic bags end up in landfills which can take up to 1000 years
to decompose. By using K.A.N Bags you help reduce your ecological footprint by eliminating the extra waste of disposable garbage and
recycling bags

K.A.N Bags are an inexpensive and convenient way to do your part to reduce plastic pollution, while also saving you money!

Other companies may claim their bags are made of recycled goods but none are
made of 100% recycled goods, most of these bags end up in landfills

K.A.N Bags can save consumers roughly $150 a year when switching from disposable bags

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