Deodorant - Chamomile & Neem


An extra-gentle skin-soothing deodorant that works to effectively control unwanted odor-causing bacteria. Perfect for those with more sensitive skin, it is baking soda-free and dermatologist tested and approved. Includes an “Armpit Detox” that preps skin to maximize the deodorants benefits.HELPS ELIMINATE ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIACornstarch and Arrowroot help absorb moisture/ sweat. Neem and coconut oil possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that helps eradicate the bacteria in armpits that cause unwanted odor. Not only does it help eliminate odor, but it also helps protect and moisturize skin. KIND TO SENSITIVE SKINHarvested from our garden, it is  infused with fresh chamomile blossoms in coconut oil for over 6 weeks to extract the optimum essence. Chamomile acts as a soothing, hypo-allergenic and anti-inflammatory agent.