Deodorant - Copal & Lemongrass


Ditch the harsh chemicals - show your armpits the love they deserve with this refreshing natural deodorant. Includes an “Armpit Detox” that preps skin to maximize our deodorants benefits. Dermatologist tested and approved.HELPS ELIMINATE ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIACopal and lemongrass possess powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and work together to help eradicate the bacteria in armpits that cause unwanted odor. Not only do they help eliminate the odor, but they also leave armpits with a fresh, natural, and herbal aroma that is unisex. The copal is wild harvested from the Mayan village of Uaxactún. The lemongrass, which is a traditional scent of Mesoamérica, comes directly from Tierra & Lava's garden. PROMOTES SKIN HEALTHCocoa butter and coconut oil, which are also locally and sustainably sourced, both act to protect and moisturize skin. Believe it or not, our armpits are home to 20 lymphnodes. We aren’t here to give you a biology lesson but our lymhnodes are a vitally important part of our immune system and serve to filter out toxins from our tissues. Our armpits deserve to be cared for in a way that reflects their fundamentally important role as a part of our body. The natural ingredients help to nourish and protect our armpit’s and show them the love they deserve.