Leather Blazer with Palestinain Hand Embroidery

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Symbology's limited edition hand embroidered leather blazer makes the perfect statement piece--not just in style, but in your conscientious ethos. Each jacket is hand embroidered by Palestinian women refugees in the West Bank using geometric motifs traditional to their culture.

*Please note: This jacket runs a size small. Ordering up one size recommended*


All of Symbology's products are made by hand by women artisans who use traditional art techniques. The handmade process allows us to work hand in hand with local artisans and small factories, creating jobs and sustainable incomes around the world. They are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, paying livable wages to their artisans and using eco friendly dyes. 

Jacket Details

  • Genuine leather upper with pure wool suiting
  • Metal zipper closure 
  • Dry clean only