Men's European Crafted Leather Sneaker: The Great One


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Crafted in Portugal


Limited Edition Shoe Features:  

  • Premium Painted European Leather 
  • Dip Dyed Cotton Laces 
  • Unlined Breathable Upper
  • 1" Rubber Sole 
  • Removable Leather Lined Insole

Fit Tip:                       *Fits true to size*


About these Men's Casual Shoes

The Great Ones are taking us back in time this summer.  Reminiscing about days spent riding in the way back of a wood-paneled station wagon, sipping cherry lemonade, and playing silly games that needn't a name.  They take us to that special place where orange blossoms scent our days and we are hide-n-seek playing, animal-cloud searching kids again. The Great Ones take us for a drive as we re-discover the world through young, innocent eyes, and remind us to enjoy every last sip of the beauty on our feet.  Youth, after all, is simply a frame of mind. 


Men's Shoe Sizes

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