The Starter Kit

  • Natural products
  • The perfect maternity gift!
  • Baby kit for your go-bag
  • For all skin types

That baby checklist is getting longer and longer. What do you really need for a newborn? With the Starter Kit you get all products in one go that you'll most definitely use for your baby's first few months. All products contain natural and caring ingredients that your baby's skin needs. So you can bathe, rub or massage your baby in peace. Oh, and our products are packed in tubes made from sugarcane. Kids are the future, so teach them young!

The Starter Kit contains 6 products:
Cleansing Washgel 200ml – a cleansing wash gel for shower or bath
Milky Bath Oil 100ml – gives baby's skin a soft protective layer during the first bathing moments
Diaper Cream 75 ml – prevents and restores the skin in case of diaper rash
Nurturing Cream 75ml – for dry spots and to use on eczema
Soothing Baby Oil 100ml – nourishes for the skin, suitable for baby massage
Softening Bodylotion 200ml – nourishes the body