Tran Quoc Dainty Buffalo Horn Charm Bracelet


The small & dainty buffalo horn charm bracelet

The Tran Quoc Dainty Buffalo Horn Charm Bracelet comes with an extension to be adjustable to any wrist size.

Ethically-sourced, the horns are a byproduct of the food industry. Meanwhile, their skin is repurposed as leather and horns and bones are repurposed for jewelry and accessories. Nothing of the buffalo goes to waste. These horns are organic and is created without any chemicals — making our horn jewelry 100% eco-friendly and sustainable for our planet.

 Charm Bracelet Overview


Charm Bracelet


Buffalo Horn from Hanoi, Vietnam, 16K Gold-Plated Brass from Seoul, South Korea.


charm size: to be measured chain length: to be measured



Closure Type

16K Gold Plated Lobster Clasp