Tron Buffalo Horn Minimalist Bangle Bracelet (3pcs)


The Minimalist Horn Bangle Bracelet

Tron Buffalo Horn Minimalist Bangle Bracelet (3pcs) by Hathorway comes in a set of 3 pieces of bangles made of ethically-sourced water buffalo horns from Hanoi, Vietnam. While simple and minimal, these set of bangles are the perfect sustainable statement piece for your wardrobe throughout the seasons. Thoughtfully selected, Hathorway uses handwoven rattan and ethically-sourced buffalo horns as the primary material because it is a byproduct of waste, it uses a chemical-free process, it is an organic material, and it is a one-of-a-kind piece. As well, the materials are lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the entire day and evening.  If you like the Tron Buffalo Horn Minimalist Bangle Bracelet (3pcs), you can pair her up with other buffalo horn jewelry and accessories by Hathorway.

Bangle Bracelet Overview


Bangle Bracelet (3pcs)


Buffalo Horn from Hanoi, Vietnam. 


Inner diameter: 6.4cm (2.5") Height of each bangles: 1.0cm (0.4")



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