Xo Dang Buffalo Horn Centerpiece Rectangular Wicker Rattan Handbag


Beautifully handwoven rattan arm candy

This handmade Hathorway Xo Dang Buffalo Horn & Rattan Handbag features a beautiful rectangular centerpiece made with ethically-sourced buffalo horns and beautifully handwoven with rattan stems and genuine leather straps from Vietnam. Available in dark or light horn.

This Xo Dang Buffalo Horn Centerpiece Rectangle Wicker Rattan Bag is handwoven by artisans in northern Vietnam using rattan. Rattan is a climbing palm found in Southeast Asia; and similar to the strength and durability of bamboo, rattan has been used for many years to make baskets and trays. At Hathorway, the rattan is planted, harvested, sorted and dried carefully in the province of Nam Dinh, Vietnam. Because of it's natural state, all of our rattan bags will be slightly different in colors and patterns. 

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Handbag Overview


Handwoven rattan handbag


Buffalo horns, handwoven rattan, genuine leather, natural colored cotton lining from Hanoi, Vietnam 


21.6cm wide x 14cm tall x 7cm deep (8.5in x 5.5in x 2.75 in)

Closure Type

Brass snap on button

Available Colors

Light Horn, Dark Horn

Designed By

Thoughtfully designed by Jessica Phan in Redwood City, California and handwoven by artisans in Vietnam.